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Customer Service

Teamwork and Service!

We had a call come in this afternoon from a customer with a damaged quick-hitch that needed to be fixed in a hurry.
Brad quickly located the original drawings for the hitch, and the fitters (Chris & Kenny) got cracking before the customer even arrived with the broken sample parts.
By 3:33 pm, the customer was walking out the door with 2 quick hitch mount pins (freshly cut to length with cir-clip grooves machined); a hydraulic ram rod and bush (still hot from welding) – along with a full seal kit and piston gland to suit. That’s just 48 minutes from the initial incoming call to everything located, manufactured & dispatched into the customer’s hands!!
Whilst you can plan to succeed and keep a certain levels of stock on hand, in this case it was a well oiled machine that delivered a fantastic outcome!