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Grabs and Thumbs – Excavators Attachments

ShawX Manufacturing have a large selection of thumbs & grabs for excavators (both hydraulic and fixed). These are used to enhance the adaptability of any excavator and allow for more efficient handling of material.   

Our hydraulic thumbs can be mounted on a single piece base plate, and are welded near the end of the dipper to circumvent any location issue. The thumb is to be used in conjunction with the bucket to assist the pickup of awkward items. They can also be folded up against the dipper when the thumb is not in operation. This allows for standard machine bucket use when not required.

ShawX build a large range of fixed and hydraulic 5 fingered grabs on site in Cleveland Qld. These grabs can be used for a wide variety of purposes, such as:

  • Timber handling
  • Rock
  • Demolition
  • General cleanup
  • Material sorting

Our grabs and thumbs are built heavy duty and hard wearing. A perfect reflection of the strengths we design and fabricate all of our construction equipment with. Quality tested, durable and suitable for all kinds of earthmoving machinery – and we can custom make them to your requirements.  

“Work smarter not harder using a ShawX grab!”