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Thermal/ Thermic Lance In Action!

There is so much happening in the workshop currently, it’s easy to overlook some of the amazing things the boys get up to. The thermal lance isn’t one of those things… it tends to make people stop and take a look regardless, as it is both loud and spectacular to say the least!

In this case, the lance is being used to punch through the seized pin on a bucket, to allow its replacement by the fitters. Graham is the man behind the light show!

For more info on the process, see here.

Customer Service


Teamwork and Service!

We had a call come in this afternoon from a customer with a damaged quick-hitch that needed to be fixed in a hurry.
Brad quickly located the original drawings for the hitch, and the fitters (Chris & Kenny) got cracking before the customer even arrived with the broken sample parts.
By 3:33 pm, the customer was walking out the door with 2 quick hitch mount pins (freshly cut to length with cir-clip grooves machined); a hydraulic ram rod and bush (still hot from welding) – along with a full seal kit and piston gland to suit. That’s just 48 minutes from the initial incoming call to everything located, manufactured & dispatched into the customer’s hands!!
Whilst you can plan to succeed and keep a certain levels of stock on hand, in this case it was a well oiled machine that delivered a fantastic outcome!



Welcome to the ShawX blog!

Here we plan to post updates on new developments in our range of attachments, design innovations in all our product lines, and of course to highlight and celebrate any milestones we pass along the way. We’ll also be keeping an eye on international industry developments and directions – and how we see them impacting both ourselves as manufacturers, and yourselves as operators here in Australia.

We will also load the occasional image or video from our activities…