Welcome to the home of the ShawX EjectX.  The ejector body that will change the way you move material on-site!

Proudly designed and built in our Brisbane workshop, our innovative new plough has a horizontal hydraulic ram that pushes the material along the body, as the tailgate automatically lifts – all while the truck remains in a stable position (as opposed to a conventional tipper).

New Plough


  • Heavy duty, all Bisalloy body
  • Safer near overhead powerlines, bridges etc.
  • Reduced risk of roll over
  • No tipping
  • Reduced operating costs and cycle times
  • Reduced “carry-back” due to rubber scraper on plough
  • Greater operating range with the ability to eject on adverse slopes
  • Suitable for all applications
  • No restriction of material type – capable for carting any material (including rock, concrete & demolition material)
  • Easy to operate

Able to eject material without the safety hazards of a tipper, the EjectX efficiently deposits it’s payload exactly where and how you want it – everytime!

Watch the video below to see how the EjectX operates:

Truck Tipper Body


THE EJECTX BODY completely changes the way material is moved on site. Our design incorporates a purpose built, double bushed horizontal hydraulic ram that pushes a plough through the bisalloy body, ejecting out any material you put in the back of it. It will push anything from asphalt, demolition materials, rock and rubble, including hot or cold material.

As the plough moves through the body, it pushes the tail gate open which allows the material to flow freely out of the body. This reduces any wear and tear on the tailgate.

There is also an air assisted ram option if desired. As a safety feature, we have included a system where the plough cannot be moved unless the tail gate is released. We have designed and built the EjectX body to be as
safe and user friendly as possible, to reduce the risk of damage done to your equipment and also increase safety on site. You do not have the challenges that go along with a conventional tipper.

With the EjectX, you are able to place/spread the material you need without any safety concerns or worries as the EjectX easily and efficiently deposits its payload right where you need it, and exactly how you want it every time.

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