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when safety matters

EjectX Truck Bodies: When Safety Matters

EjectX by ShawX Manufacturing is an Australian ejector truck body that ejects material without the safety risks of a tipper, efficiently depositing your payload exactly where and how you want it, every time, regardless of your surroundings.

Proudly designed and built in our Brisbane workshop, our innovative new plough has a horizontal hydraulic ram that pushes the material through the body, as the tailgate automatically lifts – all while the truck remains in a stable position.

Changing the way
material is moved

The EjectX truck bodies have completely changed the way you think about material being moved on site. Our design incorporates a purpose-built, double bushed horizontal hydraulic ram that pushes a plough through the Bisalloy body, ejecting any material you put in the back of it.

Carry and safely deposit rock, concrete, demolition material, crusher dust and hot and cold asphalt.

The tailgate automatically lifts, then the plough moves through the body at either a set speed, or inched through the body for part load ejection, which allows material to flow freely out of the body. This removes any wear and tear on the tailgate.

ShawX Manufacturing EjectX
ShawX Manufacturing EjectX In Action

Improving safety on site

We have designed and built the EjectX body to be as safe and user friendly as possible, to reduce the risk of damage done to your equipment and increase safety on site. The EjectX doesn’t have the challenges of a conventional tipper, enabling you to place or spread your material without any safety concerns or worries. It also doesn’t have the wear and tear like the live bottom bodies, as there are no belts so there is no restriction on material that can be loaded.

Benefits over a Tipping Body

  • No tipping.
  • Heavy-duty, full 450 Grade steel body.
  • Safer near powerlines, low hanging trees and obstructions.
  • Reduced roll over risk.
  • Reduced ‘carry-back’ due to specifically designed scrapers on the plough.
  • Greater operating range with the ability to eject on adverse slopes.
  • Able to eject sticky and cold asphalt.
  • Suitable for all applications.
  • No restriction of material type.
  • Easy to operate.
  • No belts, chains, slats, bearings or hydraulic motors (causing costly repairs).
  • Low centre of gravity.
  • Low side height – for loading with a bobcat.
  • Allowed on all job sites in Australia.
ShawX Manufacturing EjectX In Action

Benefits Over Live Bottom Trailers

  • Low repairs and maintenance costs.
  • Lower sides -use for clean up.
  • Can eject cold and sticky asphalt, along with large rock and demolition debris.
  • Less obtrusive parts to be hit and damaged. (e.g hydraulic motors and hoses).
  • Can eject all material type.
  • Less moving parts and a less complex system = less to go wrong.
  • No belts, slats, chains or bearings.
  • Lower centre of gravity.
  • Clean body after ejecting load.
  • Controlled material displacement.
  • Lighter than most live bottom competitors.

Asphalt EjectX Body

The Asphalt EjectX is Asphalt specific, designed to meet the needs of asphalt haulage contractors. It is a lightweight truck body that increases the payload, while keeping all of the safety aspects of our conventional EjectX.


  • The Asphalt Spec truck body was designed specifically for free flowing materials such as asphalt, sand, gravels, road profiling’s and DGB.
  • It has a V shaped body with a narrow, rear chute designed specifically for unloading into pavers.
  • It is a lightweight body. As everyone knows, the lighter the body, the higher the payload.
  • The Asphalt EjectX is a new design plough with easy adjustment and a lower centre of gravity.