Welcome to the home of the ShawX EjectX.  The ejector body that will change the way you move material on-site!

Proudly designed and built in our Brisbane workshop, our innovative new plough has a horizontal hydraulic ram that pushes the material along the body, as the tailgate automatically lifts – all while the truck remains in a stable position (as opposed to a conventional tipper).

New Plough


  • Heavy duty, all Bisalloy body
  • Safer near overhead powerlines, bridges etc.
  • Reduced risk of roll over
  • No tipping
  • Reduced operating costs and cycle times
  • Reduced “carry-back” due to rubber scraper on plough
  • Greater operating range with the ability to eject on adverse slopes
  • Suitable for all applications
  • No restriction of material type – capable for carting any material (including rock, concrete & demolition material)
  • Easy to operate

Able to eject material without the safety hazards of a tipper, the EjectX efficiently deposits it’s payload exactly where and how you want it – everytime!

Watch the video below to see how the EjectX operates: