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How To Optimise Your
Road Construction Equipment

Using high quality, durable equipment and machinery with the right attachments is crucial for any successful construction project. Everyone knows what we offer with regards to excavators, buckets and all of the attachments. But there is so much more that we can offer the construction industry outside of the regular excavators, loaders, dumpers etc.

Best Ways To Keep Your Construction Machines In Top Condition

At ShawX we can provide more than just the attachments used on your machines. Below are 5 ways we can ensure your machines are in prime condition and continue to work optimally throughout your road construction projects.

  • Construction Equipment Repairs – We are not limited to any one particular brand or repair. We have an extensive workshop with qualified tradespeople who have a passion for the industry. We can solve any problem you may face, or facilitate any repair that may be needed to get your road construction project rolling.
  • Work For All Machines – We provide work for all construction machinery and are not just limited to excavators. We provide grader repairs, rippers, push blocks, and full refurbs. For your compactors we perform pad change-outs, repair pins, bosses and bushes, as well as refurbs. For your loader and dozer we can provide repairs, attachments, refurbs and complete track / undercarriage overhaul.
  • Construction Spec Ready – We can facilitate the fitment of GPS to your machines as well as ensuring your machine is construction spec ready. We provide beacon installation, E stop / isolators, full safety sticker kits and all other requirements for your needs or industry. The main focus is always to get your machine working, ready for your road construction project.
  • GPS – The new GPS systems fitted to your machines provide distinct and accurate operational benefits however, if your machine has signs of wear then your GPS wont be as accurate as it is intended. We can refurb / pin and bush any part of your equipment to get it back to new. This ensures the money you spent on GPS is used wisely and keeps your client happy. The more accurate your machine, the less passes it will take to achieve a desired goal. The result here is a happier client who is more likely to send work your way.
  • One-Stop-Shop – We are here to make your life easier. ShawX is a one-stop-shop for any and all things related to earthmoving and construction equipment. Whether it is painting panels, fitting tracks, installing GPS, or just discussing your needs in the industry, we are your guys.

Do You Have An Upcoming Road Construction Project?

We offer professional advice on options and solutions for your earthmoving and road construction project. Get the most out of your road construction equipment by talking to the friendly team at ShawX today. Find out which attachment best suits your needs from people who know the industry.