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Introducing EjectX Body as the Premier Alternative to Walking Floor Trailers

Introduction to Walking Floor Trailers and Their Limitations

Walking floor trailers, also known as live bottom trailers, have been around for years. The walking floor trailer (live bottom trailer) has a conveyor belt on the bottom of the tub that pushes the material out of the back. The conveyor belt system means that unlike a conventional tip truck, the walking floor trailer remains in a fixed and horizontal position.
Although walking floor trailers offer an appealing alternative to tip trucks, they come with limitations. The most notable drawbacks include their inability to handle all material types, such as heavy rock and demolition debris, and the significant maintenance costs they entail.

EjectX Body by ShawX: A Superior Alternative

An alternative to the walking floor trailer or live bottom trailers is the EjectX body.
The EjectX by ShawX has a horizontal hydraulic ram that pushes the material through the body and ejects it out of the automatic tailgate. Like the walking floor trailers, the EjectX remains in a fixed, stable and horizontal position.
However, unlike the live bottom trailers, the EjectX has no restriction on material type it can cart. Where the walking floor trailer isn’t able to cart heavy rock and demolition material, the EjectX can, as well as any and all free flowing material from sand and soil through to aggregate, rock, mud, sticky asphalt, and hot or cold material.

Cost Savings and Maintenance Benefits of EjectX Body

Another benefit of the EjectX is its low maintenance costs. The live bottom trailers require approximately eight times the amount of maintenance as the EjectX body (over a 2 year period), as well as approximately eight times the cost of the maintenance involved (over the 2 year period). Therefore, the EjectX reduces maintenance costs by both the amount of money required in maintenance, as well as the cost and time associated in downtime of the truck for the maintenance required.

The EjectX body has continued benefits over the live bottom trailers including; the reduced weight of the body -leading to a higher payload, lower sides -enabling the ability of the body to be used for clean-up. It has less obtrusive parts to be hit and damaged, the ability to eject any material, less moving parts, and a less complex system -meaning there is less to go wrong. The EjectX has no belts, slats, chains or bearings, a lower centre of gravity, controlled material displacement and finally, it leaves a clean body after ejecting its load therefore, requiring less time cleaning out the body after unloading.

    Conclusion: Choosing EjectX Body for Enhanced Efficiency

    While the live bottom trailers are a great alternative to the conventional tip truck with their many benefits, the EjectX body is a great alternative to the live bottom trailers with their advanced features and significant benefits.
    If you’re thinking about adding an EjectX body to your fleet, or would like to know more feel free to get in contact with the team at ShawX on (07) 3286 3794 or email [email protected]


    Alternatively, you can download the EjectX brochure which also provides the maintenance cost breakdown between the EjectX body and the live bottom truck bodies.   (*Download brochure button here, or link to download brochure)