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Refurbishing Earthmoving Equipment
Versus Buying New

Is your equipment due for an upgrade and you’re needing to decide whether it is worth refurbishment or whether to buy brand new? The solution that’s best for you will depend on the amount of probable working life left in your equipment after a refurb.

Considering refurbishing your earthmoving equipment?

Considering refurb is an important business decision.
Refurbishing your old equipment is a cost effective way of keeping your gear looking good and getting the maximum life out of your investment.
When your earthmoving equipment is refurbished, we do what is necessary to keep your piece of equipment looking smart while also functioning well and only spend your hard-earned money in the areas that will benefit you in the long term.
With the cost increasing in equipment purchase and the delay time in procuring new gear getting longer, the option for a tidy-up on your current piece of equipment is quite valid.
We all like to feel good in a new piece of gear, but your bottom line can look a lot better by spending less with a tidy up.

Considering buying new earthmoving equipment?

The benefit in buying new construction equipment is not only a feel-good moment for the purchaser but, as equipment design ideas progress, you as an operator gets the benefit of the updated technology which can increase your machine efficiency.
The other benefit of new is warranty. Most machines have a healthy warranty period not only in time but in hours. These days that can be quite a draw card.
All of these features above come at a cost. It will depend on your individual business position as to whether it is an option or not. However, there is also the tax right-off benefit come tax time, which we all look forward to.
As long as you’re prepared for the upfront costs involved in buying new earthmoving equipment, it will be a worthwhile addition to your fleet.

Ready to restore your machine or add new equipment to your fleet?

Whether you’re looking to refurbish your construction equipment or buy new, ShawX are happy to discuss with you the benefits of refurbishment versus a new purchase with an open mind to give you the best advise for your individual circumstances.
Talk to our experienced and friendly team about our earthmoving products and equipment refurbishment options by contacting us here or you can call us on (07) 3286 3794.