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Signs Your Construction Equipment
Needs Repairs Or Refurbs

Even the very best construction equipment has a finite lifespan. Maintenance and repairs are an inevitable part of your machinery’s life, and it’s important to know when you need to take your equipment in for a service. As a leading provider of construction equipment repairs and refurbishments, Shaw X can help you to identify any issues and give you the best next steps. In this article, we discuss common signs your construction equipment needs repairs or a refurb, and how you can maintain your equipment to get the most out of your machinery and keep profit in your pocket. Sometimes it is the simple things that can keep your machines working.

How To Tell If Your Construction Equipment Requires Repairs Or Refurbs

There are a number of signs and symptoms that will tell you your earthmoving equipment is in need of some TLC. You can think of your machinery’s health like that of a person: the earlier you spot a problem and get it addressed, the better the outcome. Below we have listed some of the most common signs that your construction equipment needs attention.

Visual Signs

  • Low fluid levels – Visually inspecting your fluid levels is the easiest way to see if they are low. However in the case of dangerously low fluids, most machinery dashboards will show warning symbols to indicate this issue. This could be caused by a leak in hoses or hydraulic rams anywhere within the fluid transmission system. Worn or malfunctioning valves can also cause fluid loss in your system. A lack of fluids can quickly damage your machinery, so it’s important to get your machinery inspected by a professional as soon as possible when you become aware of low fluid levels.
  • Exhaust problems – If your exhaust is spitting out thick or discoloured smoke/liquid or you notice fumes that smell strange, you very likely have problems with your exhaust or engine. The most common causes for exhaust problems are dirty or clogged air filters, which can cause excess smoke and fumes, extra fuel burn and even overheating of the engine. This problem needs to be addressed immediately as it can put you and your crew at risk and violate OHS regulations and cost valuable money.
  • Dashboard warning lights – This one may seem like a no-brainer, but if your dashboard is displaying warning lights, your machine may be signalling a problem with its engine, noticing a hydraulic or mechanical glitch or letting you know it’s time for programmed / routine code maintenance. When your dashboard shows warning lights, you need to listen and take action.

Auditory Signs

  • Engine misfiring/stalling – Is your engine misfiring, stalling or having difficulty starting up? There are a number of issues that could be causing this including overheating, filter blockages, ignition problems, lack of maintenance and so on. In order to accurately identify the root of the problem, you should consider professional help. 
  • Hissing or grinding – When you hear hissing, grinding, wheezing or screeching, your construction equipment is calling out for a service. These noises could mean that your machinery has a leak in one of its vital systems, or that there is a problem with the engine, brakes, valves, steering, or hydraulic system, or simply needs grease. A professional technician will be able to investigate these issues and determine if repair or a component refurb is required.

Get Your Construction Equipment Repaired Or Refurbished With ShawX Manufacturing

Keeping your equipment in proper working order is an easy way to save you time and money. Equipment malfunctions can cause project delays and, if left unchecked, cause further damage to your machinery and your bottom line.

Looking to get the most out of your heavy machinery? Repairs and refurbs are a cost-effective way to give your construction equipment a new lease on life. Contact the ShawX Manufacturing team to have your construction equipment repaired today, or call us on 07 3286 3794.