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The Ever Evolving ShawX EjectX Body

ShawX manufacturing is an earthmoving and manufacturing company located in Cleveland, Queensland. ShawX manufactures heavy earthmoving buckets and attachments, as well as their very own EjectX ejector body.
The very first ShawX EjectX was designed and built in 2017 because of the rising safety concerns of the conventional tipper body, and an alternative to the live bottom trailers. The EjectX was designed around improving safety on site.
Since the very first ejector body ShawX built, they have continuously been changing and improving the design, features, and benefits to not only accommodate customers requirements, but also the ever-changing industry.
We pride ourselves on constant improvement. By listening to the market, we can understand what changes are happening within the industry.” Say’s Kenny Shaw, owner of ShawX Manufacturing.

Asphalt EjectX: Tailored for Asphalt Haulage

Once several EjectX bodies had been built, the team at ShawX started designing an asphalt specific ejector body, working with asphalt hauling companies to understand their needs and requirements. This then led to the creation of the Asphalt EjectX body.

This ejector body is a V shaped body, compared to a rectangular body on the original ejectX. The asphalt ejector body is asphalt specific, designed to meet the needs of asphalt haulage contractors. It is a lightweight body that is narrow at the rear for placing asphalt into a paver whilst still meeting the payload requirements, as well as keeping all of the safety aspects of the original EjectX.

Continuous Enhancement: Improving Design and Function

Over the years, the EjectX body has continued to improve in a range of precisely calculated and specifically beneficial design and function changes. With the most important and significant change of all, being the ability to build the body lighter.

The industry wants not only functional, but light, to increase the payload. ShawX have worked tirelessly with their steel supplier to find different specifications of steel, which allows the body to maintain the strength of the design but lighten the body weight to increase the payload for the end users. 

Other significant changes that have been made to the shawx ejectx have been designing the tailgate to open high, so the plough backs higher to reduce any material build up. Adding an Elcema remote control system for ease of operation, flexibility and to be more user friendly as the remote-control system seems an accepted part of the industry now.

Transparent Pricing and Quality Assurance

Another big change for the ejector bodies is pricing. ShawX have included options as an all-inclusive price. This means there are no add on’s when pricing a body for your truck. They believe in building a body that is ready for work and being able to provide customers with an all-inclusive price with no hidden costs. Quality is a major aspect for the ShawX team and so felt that the EjectX body should come ‘standard’ with all previous options to ensure their customers are being provided with the best possible body, built ready for work.

The ejectx body has also moved to a complete hydraulic system so there are no integrated switches within the system, which they believe is far more reliable.
The overall design, look and feel of the ShawX ejector bodies have also changed with their sleek and classy exterior, refined features and there is now also the option of any colour choice. This is an important change for customers to have choice and the ability to align their ejectx body with their company colours and fleet.

Commitment to Quality and Customer Satisfaction

The ShawX EjectX body over the years has continued to improve not only in function but design, capabilities, overall quality and most importantly, reduced body weight. But it doesn’t stop there, ShawX will continue to improve their ejectx body to not only keep ahead of Industry requirements, but to ensure they are constantly providing their customers with the best possible body on the market.

ShawX will continue to build relationships with their customer’s who own the ejector body as this is important to them as a business, and not just about selling bodies.