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Hydraulic Log Grab

Hydraulic Log Grabs

Are you looking for a hydraulic excavator log grab for your excavator?

When it comes to moving timber and logging, ShawX hydraulic log grabs are built to be powerful, easy to use and tough. With a twin ram design, these grabs are both easy to control and accurate, making light work of sorting materials and can readily be moved from one machine to another. Our hydraulic excavator log grabs are built to last with a strong & lightweight design, fully greaseable and bronze bushed hydraulic rams. As part of our heavy-duty and hard-wearing designs, we only use the finest steel and components.

All of our hydraulic excavator log grabs are designed and manufactured right here in Australia, our workshop is located just south of Brisbane in Cleveland, QLD. We manufacture a range of standard sized hydraulic log grabs and can also custom design and manufacture a log grab to suit your needs.

What Are Log Grapples?

Log grabs (also known as log grapples) are excavator attachments used to pick up and move around tree logs. Providing manual and hydraulic excavator grabs and heavy-duty thumbs for excavators, Shaw X is a leading manufacturer of hydraulic excavator log grabs. We also provide rock grabs and custom thumb attachments.

Hydraulic Log Grab Features

ShawX hydraulic excavator log grabs are designed with a lot of great features in including:

  • 100% Australian designed and made – nothing but the best!
  • Heavy-duty and hard-wearing
  • Built light and strong
  • Fully greaseable and bronze bushed hydraulic rams for longevity
  • Made of the highest quality steel and components
  • Quality designed and tested
  • Suitable for all kinds of excavators & earthmoving machinery
  • User friendly design
  • Variety of sizes and specifications available to suit your needs
  • Can be custom designed and built to your specifications
  • Quick turnaround and delivery times
  • Built by a specialist earthmoving company with over 40 years industry experience

At ShawX, every thumb & grab attachment is made to suit your needs.

We build Grabs to suit the machine size. We can customise finger width and customise grabs to suit different machines.

We build custom size hydraulic log grab to suit your needs!

There are no add-ons specifically for hydraulic log grabs however Shaw X can manufacture hydraulic log grabs into X series (extra heavy duty with extra wear package).

Just ask for what you need!


Custom Excavator Thumb Attachments

Our custom-made excavator thumb attachments are ideal for general earthworks. The hydraulic thumbs can be mounted on a single base plate and are welded near the end of the dipper to circumvent any location issues.

The thumb should be used in conjunction with the bucket to assist with the pickup of difficult materials. The thumb attachment can also be folded up against the dipper when not required, allowing for the standard machine bucket to be used.

Manual Excavator Rock Grabs

Our heavy-duty manual rock grabs can be used for all works. The 5-fingered box type grab is made with 450-grade finger ends and greaseable bronze bushed centre pin for a longer life. The tight meshing finger design makes these grabs fast and controllable. The nimble design makes them user friendly while maintaining strength for a longer lasting grab. Manual rock grabs are also available in our X-series range for added strength.

Hydraulic Excavator Rock Grabs

Hydraulic rock grabs are versatile, able to be used for all works and very handy for demolition. Fabricated with a heavy-duty 5-finger box type, twin ram design with 450-grade lower fingers, the grab is fully greaseable and bronze bushed for longevity. Tight meshing fingers make these grabs very controllable when picking up the smallest materials, yet tough enough for the largest of jobs.

Hydraulic Excavator Log Grabs Manufacturer

We manufacture a large range of hydraulic excavator log grabs here in Australia, built for Australian conditions.
We can also custom design and build exactly what you need to suit your excavator and your job, from 14 tonne to over 100 tonne excavators.

Buy a hydraulic excavator log grab today or have one custom designed and built by our team here at ShawX. Call us on 07 3286 3794 for a quote today.