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X-SERIES buckets

Buckets Built Stronger


ShawX have developed a range of X Series attachments that are heavy duty for the serious earthmover. ShawX Manufacturing’s own X Series range might look like the average heavy-duty bucket, but it’s what you can’t see that makes them unique.

All of our X Series attachments have been designed and built stronger from the ground up, keeping performance and longevity in mind. The X Series buckets aren’t just a general GP style bucket with an armour package. They are designed right from the very start for heavy duty and hard applications.


The X Series range is ideal for all heavy-duty and high abrasive work,
including rock and quarry.

Shaw-X X-Series
Shaw-X X-Series


These buckets have a keyed design meaning they are not solely relying on the weld for strength.

Our X Series Buckets are designed and built:

  • With thicker legs, head plate and ears -all 80 Grade
  • Two strong backs under the boxing
  • A full rear saddle to provide support on the rear skin
  • A 450 Grade inner liner
  • 450 grade wear strips, heel blocks, side leg protection and cutting edge gum protection.
  • Finished off with corner gussets and boxing protector

The X Series range is built all with either 450 or 80 Grade steel. There is no mild steel in these buckets whatsoever, putting the best quality and strength steel in all the right areas.


The X Series range includes :

  • Excavator Buckets
  • Loader Buckets
  •  Compact Track Loader Buckets
  •  Rock Grabs
Shaw-X X-Series


The main features of our X Series buckets are:


  • They have a long floor and low headplate design to ensure maximum breakout force with an easy to use shape.
  • There is a large taper on the bucket to assist in digging, taking the load off the sides of your bucket, giving you greater breakout, more productivity and also reducing your fuel burn and the wear and tear on your machine.
  • The design and shape of the bucket allows for easy fill and fast empty.
  • Only the highest quality of material is used. 450 Grade for wear protection and 80
  • Grade high tensile steel for the build. We custom build all of our X Series range to suit the end user’s specifications.

As our attachments are not produced in large batches and are made for each customer in our Brisbane based workshop, we are able to build everything custom, from size, shape, capacity and even colour.

The X Series range has armour in all the right places to provide years of digging with minimal downtime.


The X-T Range has all of the features of the X Series….plus more.

The X-T Range is Extra hard wearing steel with no added weight. Built for the extreme conditions, this range will keep your machine working without the downtime for repairs. It is built to handle the tough rock all day, every day.

The X-T Range is ideal for quarry work and anyone constantly digging in hard rock.

We work with you to build your X-T bucket to specifically suit your requirements and needs.