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Trench Buckets

Are you looking for a Trench Bucket for your excavator?

ShawX trench buckets are ideal for ensuring the perfect trench, quick and simple use, all while saving you money.

ShawX trench buckets have a large side taper with a long floor and a continuous radius skin to reduce the drag on the bucket as it’s digging through deep trenches, increasing bucket performance and taking the load off your machine and in turn reducing fuel consumption as well as wear and tear on your machine.

Trench Bucket Uses

Every contractor knows that a purpose built trench bucket is a workhorse and will pay back ten fold the cost of the bucket.

Don’t be fooled by cheap imported imitations that are not up to the task. At ShawX, we put the right amount of material in the correct areas to ensure that you have a bucket that will last the distance without being too heavy, or outing extra load on your machine.

ShawX Trench Buckets

The main features of our trench buckets are:

  • Australian made to suit our Australian conditions
  • User-friendly design featuring
    • A large side taper to prevent the bucket from jamming in trenches and protect the sidewall
    • Continuous radius skin to reduce drag and increase bucket performance
    • Dual top boxing for added strength in the top of the bucket
  • Custom sizes and widths available to suit your specific trench size, needs and applications
  • We use only strong and durable materials to ensure long life and an increased performance
  • We use the highest quality materials, custom designed to suit your specifications so we are able to increase bucket capacity while still having a narrow trench bucket, if required.
  • Quick turnaround and delivery times

As our attachments are not produced in large batches and are made for each customer in our Brisbane based workshop, we are able to build everything custom, from size, shape, capacity and even colour.

Standard sizes include 300, 450, 600, 900, 1200, depending on machine size.

Our trench buckets are available with or without teeth.

Service savers and removeable service savers are available to ensure digging ability in all applications over services and power, water, whatever it may be.

We can add extra wear parts to spec your bucket for heavy duty digging and to increase the life and performance of your bucket in heavy duty applications.

  • Liners
  • Side wear plates
  • Inner wear plates
  • Heel blocks
  • Side cutters / Wing shrouds
  • Chock blocks
  • Corner gussets
  • Service Saver
  • Removeable Service Saver


We can custom build your bucket to your requirements.

Speak with our team if you are unsure or would like some options.

You can also take a look at our Wear Parts page to read more information.


Sieve Buckets

Ideal for sorting and cleaning by general earthmovers and demolition, ShawX sieve buckets have a long front with full through bars to assist with rolling material through the bucket. Available in a range of styles and sizes, all sieve buckets are actual size to ensure correct material is produced. Your gauge can be custom made to suit the material.

Trench Buckets

ShawX trench buckets are Australian designed and built for trenching. They have a large side taper with a long floor and continuous radius skin to reduce drag and increase bucket performance.

ShawX trench buckets are designed to perform and manufactured to last.

Tilt Buckets

Used for cleaning up, finishing and smoothing, ShawX tilt buckets are ideal for dams, drains, contours and batters. The unique design of a long floor, continuous radius skin, low headplate and centre pivot make for smooth operation. The open back design helps prevent wear and damage. We make all the parts, including rams, in-house and carry a full range of parts.

Trench Buckets For Sale

The ShawX trench bucket is a unique and purpose built excavator bucket, designed for longevity and to make your job easier.  Our buckets can also be customised and built to suit your specifications and application, from 14 tonne to over 100 tonne excavators.

If your in need of a new trench bucket or are after some more information, give us a call us on 07 3286 3794 or email us at [email protected].