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Advantages Of Land Clearing
& Best Equipment to Clear Land

Land clearing is fundamental for a wide range of different projects, and the lush Australian landscape can be unruly. It’s important to understand the land clearing requirements of your project and know what the best equipment is to utilise. In this article we share the advantages of clearing land, as well as our recommendations for the best equipment and machinery attachments for optimal land clearing results.

Why You Need High Quality Equipment To Clear Land

Land clearing involves the removal of trees, vegetation, stones, and other debris. It is necessary for damage prevention, fire prevention, and adding value to land for property development, agriculture, cultivation etc. It is often completed prior to excavation, levelling and construction activities to ensure that the foundation is clear of obstacles.

There are many reasons why you need to use high quality and durable equipment in any kind of residential or commercial project, whether it be for construction, cultivation, or agriculture. Aside from development projects, it is also important for safety purposes and soil health. Below we discuss a few reasons how professional equipment can be used in land clearance projects.

Damage prevention – Professional land clearing can help to minimise risks and hazards, preventing more costly and more destructive kinds of land management approaches in the future. Land that contains dead trees and rotting wood can also pose hazards to surrounding buildings and neighbourhoods, a threat which can be easily addressed with land clearing.

Fire prevention – The Australian bush coupled with our hot climate presents an ongoing fire hazard. By eliminating dry, dead, and overgrown bush, trees, and other vegetation, the risk for uncontrolled fires can be significantly reduced.

Enhance land value – Aside from the removal of dead and overgrown vegetation enhancing the beauty of the land, professional and effective clearance can also mean the difference between an uninhabitable plot of land and a prime piece of real estate. It allows a once overgrown and useless piece of land to become accessible for a range of different uses including cultivation, agriculture, housing, parking, and so on.

Land and plant health – Overgrown trees and vegetation promotes development of weeds, diseased plant life, pest nesting, and soil erosion. Land clearance enables the soil to be redistributed which reduces risk of erosion, destroys pest infestations and kills weeds, improving the overall health of the land.

Best Equipment To Clear Land

Depending on the size of the land that needs to be cleared, there are a few different pieces of equipment you could use to execute effective land clearance. We recommend using a tree pusher and stick rake combination for your dozer or loader if you need to clear a large amount of land. For clearing a smaller block, your best option would be to use an excavator with a grab and stick rake combination. Alternatively, another great option is to use a general purpose bucket with an excavator thumb.

  • Excavator and dozer/loader stick rakes – Where excavator stick rakes are ideal for sorting and sieving unwanted material and debris, dozer and loader stick rakes are great for clearing trees and shaking off debris before the windrowing process commences. Excavator stick rakes allow for clearance and fast clean-ups.
  • Excavator grabs – Excavator grabs are made for either log grabbing and rock grabbing, with the choice of manual or hydraulic mechanisms. Log grabs are ideal for fast and accurate moving of timber and logging, whereas rock grabs are more versatile. Both manual and hydraulic excavator rock grabs are tough enough for almost any clearing work, and accurate enough to pick up tiny debris with their tight meshed fingers.
  • Buckets and Excavator thumbs
    GP (general purpose) buckets are also known as trenching buckets. There are various types of buckets available, but GP buckets are the most versatile, offering a long floor with teeth and unbeatable strength. Excavator thumb attachments are ideal for almost any earthmoving job, most frequently used together with buckets to pick up difficult debris. Our custom-made thumbs can also be folded up when not in use.

Do You Need Land Clearing Equipment?

All of these earthmoving equipment attachments can be manufactured and fitted by ShawX. Talk to one of our friendly team members at ShawX to see which combination would be the right fit for your job by contacting us or calling us on (07) 3286 3794 today.