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earthmoving Buckets

Heavy Equipment Manufacturer (14 – 200 Tonne)

Australian-Made Earthmoving Buckets
that are built to last

The unique design of ShawX Manufacturing’s excavator and loader buckets give you high productivity with less effort, saving you fuel and reducing the wear on your machinery. Manufactured with Bisalloy steel, our buckets are built to perform and easy to use.

We custom-build
earthmoving buckets

We custom design and build buckets to suit your specifications, from 14 tonne to 200 tonne.

ShawX buckets are:

  • 100% Australian made
  • Strong and durable
  • Quality designed and tested
  • Suitable for all kinds of earthmoving machinery
  • Custom made to your requirements with quick turn around and delivery
  • Easy to use
ShawX Manufacturing General Purpose Earthmoving Buckets

General purpose buckets

ShawX general purpose buckets are Australian designed and made for use in general conditions by all brands of excavators. We start with a unique, user-friendly design that features a long floor, continuous radius skin and duel boxing for added strength. Available in a variety of sizes, these buckets come with teeth and the option of bolt on side cutters.

ShawX general purpose buckets are designed to perform and manufactured to last.

ShawX Manufacturing Tilt Bucket

Tilt buckets

ShawX tilt buckets are ideal for building dams, drains, contours and batters, where cleaning up, finishing and smoothing is required. The unique design of a long floor, continuous radius skin, low headplate and center pivot make for smooth operation. The open back design helps prevent wear and damage. We make all parts, including rams, in-house so carry a full range of parts.

ShawX tilt buckets are designed to be smooth and easy to use.

ShawX Manufacturing Trench Buckets

Trench buckets

ShawX trench buckets are Australian designed and built for trenching. They have a large side taper with a long floor and continuous radius skin to reduce drag and increase bucket performance.

ShawX trench buckets are designed to perform and manufactured to last.

ShawX Manufacturing Sieve Buckets

Sieve buckets

ShawX sieve buckets are ideal for sorting and cleaning for general earthmoving and demolition, with a long front and full through bars to assist with rolling material through the bucket. They are available in a range of styles and sizes, and all sieve buckets are actual size to ensure correct material is produced. Your gauge can be custom made to suit the material.

ShawX sieve buckets are designed to put less load on your machine and process material quickly.

ShawX Manufacturing 4-in-1 Buckets

4-in-1 buckets

ShawX 4-in-1 buckets are used by demolition companies, rural contractors and farmers. Ideal for cleaning up, demolition and general works, these buckets have a twin ram, high capacity, large opening, front edge with teeth and bolt on edge for the dozer edge. The design features heavy-duty guarding on all rams and hoses, making it suitable for severe conditions. These buckets can be used with a Quick Hitch to reverse its use as a face shovel bucket or backhoe bucket.

ShawX 4-in-1 buckets are designed for easy use in all applications.

ShawX Manufacturing Batter Buckets

Batter buckets

ShawX batter buckets are ideal for use by all general earthmovers for bulk loading, cleaning up, batters, dam and channel clean outs. They  have a large front and continuous radius design, which makes these buckets a pleasure to use and increases machine productivity. Batter buckets are available in a range of sizes and bolt on edge comes as standard.

ShawX batter buckets are designed for performance and manufactured to last.

ShawX Manufacturing Loader Buckets

Loader buckets

ShawX loader buckets are ideal for loaders used in all applications. Our loader buckets are available to suit all size loaders and custom designed, as we adapt our design and purpose-build each bucket to suit our customers specific applications and specifications.

ShawX loader buckets are designed to perform and manufactured to last.

ShawX Manufacturing X-series Buckets

X-series buckets

ShawX X-series buckets are ideal for all heavy-duty and high abrasive work, including rock and quarry. They are built tough from the ground up. Our X-series buckets have a thicker headplate and legs, 2x under boxing strong backs and a rear ear saddle for additional strength and support. Each bucket is fitted standard with a 450-grade inner liner and additional 450-grade wear strips, heal blocks, side leg and cutting edge gum protectors, and is finished off with inner corner gussets and boxing protector. This entire bucket is completely made from Q&T plate. There is no mild steel used.

ShawX X-series buckets have armour in all the right places to provide years of digging with minimal downtime. More about X-series

earthmoving Bucket FAQ’s

Can you help me choose the best excavator bucket for my needs?
Yes, we absolutely can. You can give us a call and speak to one of our specialists to discuss your requirements and how it will be used. We can provide suggestions and recommendations to help you get the best bucket for your needs.

Both Kenny & Brett have been earthmoving their whole lives and have experience across a wide range of jobs. They can even advise the best process for doing a particular job.

Ensuring you have the correct size bucket for the machine is very important to get maximum production and to ensure that your machine is not overloaded.

We are happy to speak to you over the phone about products, recommendations or solutions. We will even visit job sites if required to look over things. We partner with our customers and will do whatever we can to help their job.

What is the turnaround time to build a new excavator bucket for my machine?
Most custom jobs can be delivered in approximately 6 weeks however, we recommend contacting us as early as possible to ensure that you have the product you need before your job is due to start.
I need a quick hitch for my operation, is this possible with your excavator buckets?
Yes it is, absolutely. We are a proud partner with Doherty and so if any customers want to touch base with us we are able to help fit their machine with a quick hitch. But all of our attachments are made to be connected and fitted to a quick hitch.
What are the advantages of a custom designed excavator bucket?
There are many advantages in a custom designed bucket depending on what the client is hoping to achieve. A specifically designed bucket to match the machine and task optimises the performance of the machine without putting adverse load on it, which incorporates fuel burn, efficiency, wear on the bucket and wear on the rest of the machine. So where a lot of customers see some real long term gains is in the life of the machine. Having the correct size and weight bucket on the machine saves our clients downtime of the machine and costly repairs.
Another beneficial advantage is when our clients come to us with a task and we are able to offer a bucket or attachment that will be a solution to their situation and help complete their job more efficiently and cost effectively. A custom designed bucket can speed up processes, leading to increased profit and provides you with a safer, longer lasting, more efficient product.
How is an excavator bucket capacity or volume calculated?
Excavator bucket capacity is calculated using cubic meters. We use 3D models to design the products before we manufacture them and we work out the water level and full fill is measured as an ISO standard.
do you choose the get that is put on my bucket?
Yes, we can fit our recommended GET (Ground engaging tools), that best suit your application however, because we offer custom built buckets we are also able to offer different brands and types of GET to suit the client. Some clients have a specific brand or style that they prefer to use and so we can fit your preferred GET.


*Varying GET brands may incur an extra cost. 


Why choose ShawX as my Bucket Supplier?
At ShawX, we custom build all of our buckets and manufacture each one to suit our clients application and to perform exactly how they are needed. Our buckets are Australian made therefore, built to a higher standard and are manufactured with Australian steel. Each product is overseen by Kenny and Brett who have decades of experience working their own machines. Our products are used by the people who design them and are designed to not only reduce wear on your buckets and attachments, but also reduce wear on your machines. ShawX products are designed and purpose built for our clients to provide them with the highest quality products that benefit them in every way. The team at ShawX are genuinely passionate about the earthmoving industry and what they do and therefore, only want the best for their clients.