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Complete Machinery Solutions: Repairs and Refurbishments in QLD

Repairs and refurbishments both involve restoring machinery however, they differ in their scope and objectives.

At ShawX Manufacturing we do both repairs and refurbishments including dozer repairs and refurbishment, truck repairs, truck refurbishments, loader repairs, loader refurbishments, excavator repairs and refurbishments and the list goes on.
Repairing and refurbishing your machinery is a great alternative to purchasing new. We can have your equipment running and looking like a brand-new machine for a portion of the price. It is well worth looking into before selling a machine, as spending a small amount to get your machine looking and working like new can add significant value to the end sale price.

It is also a great way to keep your machine in top condition to extend the life and save you having to replace your machine prematurely. This can also reduce unnecessary down time from your business.

But what is included in both the repairs and refurbishments?


Repairs involve fixing specific issues or damage to return the machine back to a functional state. Our primary goal of repairs is to address problems or faults that are causing the machine to malfunction or perform poorly. Repairs are typically focused on fixing specific components or systems that are damaged, worn out, or not functioning correctly as fast as possible to get you working again.


Refurbishments involve comprehensive restoration and improvement of machinery to a like-new condition. The main goal of refurbishments is to enhance the appearance, functionality, and performance of the machine back to its original state. This can include repairs as part of the process, but also involves additional work such as cosmetic upgrades, component replacements, and performance enhancements.

In summary, repairs are focused on fixing specific issues to get you back and working and to get your machine functional again, while refurbishments involve a more extensive process of restoration and improvement to enhance both appearance and functionality back to its original state.

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At ShawX we can help with all thing repairs and refurbishments including:

  • Dozer repairs and refurbishments QLD
  • Truck repairs
  • Truck refurbishments QLD
  • Loader repairs QLD
  • Loader refurbishments