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Walking Floor Trailers – Why You Should Reconsider Them

Both walking floor trailers (also known as live bottom trailers) and ejector body trucks allow operators to move material safely and efficiently. They offer the ability to deposit their payload without worrying about interfering with overhead power lines or worrying about uneven ground causing the truck to tip over.

There are some major advantages to ejector body trucks like our EjectX, and we will discuss them further in this article. But first, let’s discuss how each of these technologies works on site, in the real world.

How Do Walking Floor Trailers Work?

The typical live bottom trailer has a conveyor belt on the bottom of the trailer tub that pushes the material out of the back of the trailer. The live bottom trailer is powered by a hydraulic system. When the operator engages the truck hydraulic system, it activates the conveyor belt, moving the load horizontally out of the back trailer. They are good for use with free flowing material.

How Does Our EjectX BODY Work?

EjectX is an ejector body that unloads material efficiently, accurately, and safely. Our design implements a hydraulic system that propels a plough through the Bisalloy body and ejects any and all contents. Commonly used for rock, concrete, demolition material, crusher dust, as well as hot and cold asphalt, EjectX revolutionises the way material is moved.

As the plough moves through the truck, the tailgate is lifted automatically, enabling the contents to slide out easily without damaging the tailgate. For safety and protection of the tailgate, the system will not move the plough unless the tailgate is released.

What Are The Benefits Of EjectX Over Walking Floor Trailers?

EjectX is an innovative ejector body design with numerous modern advantages over walking floor trailers. The top 10 benefits of EjectX include:
● Lower maintenance and repair costs
● Lower sides, enabling easy clean-up after completed jobs
● Capacity to eject any material type, including cold and sticky asphalt as well as large rock and demolition debris
● Less obtrusive design which prevents damage to fundamental parts like hydraulic motors and hoses
● Simpler system and fewer moving parts, reducing risk of problems
● No belts, slats, chains, or bearings, which makes it a safer and lower maintenance design
● Lower centre of gravity
● Clean body after ejecting payload
● Provides controlled and accurate material displacement – this allows control of the exact amount, area, and speed of ejection
● ‘Asphalt EjectX’ is 10% lighter than competitors

Are You Ready To Reconsider Using Walking Floor Trailers & Take A Look At Our EjectX Ejector Body?

With so many advantages and such an innovative design, EjectX is your best choice for safe, efficient, and accurate transportation and unloading of materials. We have specially designed EjectX to unload bulk materials without the usual stresses, difficulties, and delays that commonly arise with other trailer designs like walking floor trailers.

To learn more, you can find our EjectX brochure here. If you’re ready to add the ShawX EjectX to your fleet and transform how you move materials, get in touch with us today on 07 3286 3794.